Functional Strength Training: A Whole Body Workout

Principles: Proximal Stability for Distal Mobility (Pilates Principal)                A more common description of these terms would be proximal = closer to the mid-line of the body (i.e. spine) whereas distal would be the opposite (i.e. extremities, arms, legs, hands, feet). Think of a rubber band. In order to stretch it one would have to … Continue reading

Whole Body Workout

Deltoid 3 Exercise Video

The deltoid muscle is one of the main ‘prime movers’ of the shoulder. It is composed of three general regions: anterior (front), middle (side), and posterior (rear).  These ‘heads’ have greater/lessor roles in arm movements such as: flexion (forward), extension (backward), and abduction (out to the side).  Training of this composite muscle is discussed in … Continue reading


Clock Exercise Video

This exercise is not so much a specific stretch as a movement pattern. Throughout the motions you are affecting muscles of the chest, shoulder, neck, back and hips. The primary emphasis of this routine is to “verticalize” your posture and is a primary correction for slumping/slouching. These patterns are very common in individuals with high … Continue reading