1. Call for an appointmentWelcome

    We are located in the shopping center across from Bear Branch Junior High on FM 2978, and we look forward to seeing you and and your family!

  2. Closed WednesdaysOffice Hours

    Monday – Tuesday 9am-6pm

    Thursday – Friday 9am-6pm

    Saturday 8am-1pm

  3. Over 25 years Experience

    Dr. Mitchell has over 25 years experience providing pain relief and chiropractic treatment to his patients.

  4. Who do we treat?Treatment

    Dr. Mitchell treats patients with recent injuries to long-standing, chronic conditions. By improving posture & performance one can reduce pain or discomfort.

Give Us A Call So We Can Help You!

We strive to provide not only assistance when need but also the knowledge to lessen the need for our services. This can seem counter to many business’ approach but many patients are truly appreciative and our greatest source of new patient referrals are our existing patients.

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Mitchell Chiropractic Center